Neesha Hosein, Author and Technical Writer

Neesha Hosein Author and Technical Writer UHCL Alumna

Neesha Hosein
Author and Technical Writer
UHCL Alumna

Have you heard of UHCL’s student publication The Signal? Or maybe you remember what is used to be called, the UHCLIDIAN? Have you wondered what the publication name means? For author and technical writer, Neesha Hosein, The Signal means more than just a newspaper, it means taking charge of your life and deciding your own destiny.

Hosein was born on the Caribbean island of Trinidad but grew up in Houston.

“As a youngster, I was an imaginative, book-loving, four-eyed little fireball who learned to read on a 1st grade level by age 4,” Hosein said. “My feistiness was tamed a little because I was also a bullied kid in grade school, so I learned very early on that what doesn’t break you makes you stronger. I used to outwit the bullies by using big words they couldn’t understand. I was always in love with school and learning.”

Hosein credits her sons as inspiration for returning to school.

“After teen pregnancy, an abusive, decade-long marriage, and single motherhood, I decided I needed to take charge of my own destiny and be a better role model for my sons,” Hosein said. “And after my youngest was diagnosed with autism, I was even more driven to become a stronger person because I knew I would have to be his voice and protector for life.”

Hosein didn’t find the field of communication, it found her. She happened to be studying occupational health and safety at San Jacinto College when she volunteered to create a newsletter for the students. At the same time, she was hired as a freelance reporter for a bowling-themed newspaper. Both of these projects led her right to her true passion, journalism.

Hosein sharpened her skills while seeking her undergraduate degree from UHCL.

“It was absolutely life changing,” Hosein expressed. “I felt like I jumped in head first. I had been working in the admissions office about 9 months prior to becoming a student in 2006. I became the editor of the Signal (then UHCLIDIAN), the student newspaper, so I had to quit my job to commit fully. As the editor, I became passionate about journalism and UHCL.”

Among her most notable achievements, was changing UHCL history.

“I realized the newspaper’s name received a lot of jokes and ridicule since not many people knew what UHCLIDIAN stood for,” Hosein said. “I decided to launch a campus-wide campaign to give the paper a better name. With advisor approval, I set off on an endeavor that changed 30 years of school history and my life as I knew it. I faced a harsh crowd including student government, tenured faculty, and alumni who were all attached to the original name. In the end, I had garnered enough support to triumph, and the new name became The Signal, as it is known today.”

UHCL opened doors for Hosein and presented her with opportunities to shine. She served as editor of The Signal for two terms and won the prestigious National Student Journalism Award through Columbia University for a commentary she wrote. She also served as the Vice President of the Student Communication Association.

“The highly skilled staff of professors pushed me to my full potential and taught me so much about the world of writing and journalism,” Hosein said. “I’m currently a technical writer/editor and journalist at NASA, and I still use many of the techniques and skills I acquired from my college days. My UHCL professors are heroes to me, even to this day. They helped me change my life for the better and realize that I was more worthy than I had imagined.”

UHCL proved essential to advancing Hosein’s career and pushing her to heights that otherwise seemed impossible to reach. Thanks to her experience at UHCL, she was able to cover front-page news stories like the devastation of Hurricane Ike and the 2008 presidential election, stories that impacted the entire nation.

Hosein’s career has continued to blossom. Her most recent accomplishments include the initiation of her writing business, Raven Tree Communication; a self-published fiction novel, I of the Storm: Death is Watching; and an article titled Don’t Fight It, Just Write It which was recently published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive for Kids. She is also currently working on a memoir about her journey as an autism mom.

Hosein is just one of many examples of the stellar graduates UHCL produces, and she is a true testament that hard work and talent, together with UHCL’s ability to sharpen those skills, is what makes this school outshine the rest. GO HAWKS!!!

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